From the equipment to the CEO. Helping create your System Management Design of your communications network is our business.

As a technology innovator we can provide a team of engineers to design, support and grow your operations.

With the intent to centralise and concentrate your communication infrastructure in to a concise and effective company-wide automated system.

Specialising in the development of bespoke Network Management System (NMS) requirements & design for the Satellite & Broadcast industry, including…

Automation, SCADA, Monitoring & Control & Operation Control Centre design.







Events & Workshops including: 

Planning Content & Sessions, Chair, Facilitator & Moderator roles.

All types of communication projects undertaken: Engineering Design & Planning Networks & Control

Business Intelligence by bringing together the key performance indicators (KPIs) to enable better strategic decision making.

Problem Solving & Consultancy: “a single point of expertise”






SIG News & Events…

SIG Awards: SIG has launched its own awards to recognise members delivering new innovations, collaborating with others, and young engineers. If you know someone who should enter, please direct them to the SIG website

Women in Engineering Blog: Today is international women in engineering day. SIG are lucky enough to have Angela Wheeler (Intelsat) on the board so she agreed to do a quick Q&A for the blog – thank you Angela!

Please share it with your networks – #INWED20 #ShapeTheWorld #ConnectwithSIG…

2020 Dates:

Online Workshop: The Cloud Teleport

Tuesday 4th July 4pm BST /  11am EST This is a member-only open discussion around the cloud teleport. What are the biggest technical challenges? What tools are available to solve them? 

Register here:

Shaftesbury School – STEAM Projects for 2020/21 – Open Forum: Monday, September 28th 16:00 – 18:00 (Fingers crossed!)

I’ll be taking part with showing the work done by SIG and CENG (NOAA) as well as providing one of the planned ‘TED Talks’

Link to Shaftesbury School STEAM Projects for 2020/21

Space Debris!

Nov 18 – EMSTA, Space Debris, 2020 Vision? EMSTA Seminar, Hatfield Advisory Board Member, Martin Coleman will be chairing the EMSTA seminar –  Key Topic: Does the benefit of high technology justify the cost to the environment? Are we really looking after space? 50 years ago, Neil Armstrong’s first footprint on the moon was beamed around the world ‘live by satellite’. Today, that same caption, ‘live by satellite’ is flashed on screen to excuse the slightest imperfection of the transmitted image. Complacency and the… read more